making your
travel expense management easier

Corporate Travel Account - is a new solution for centralized travel expense management for your company, optimizing your procedures and expenses and securing your from possible fraudulent operations.


company benefits

  • Up to 58 days free credit: on all your Travel Management Company (TMC) bookings
  • Increased cash flow as you enjoy improved payment terms
  • An additional source of credit that is separate to your existing banking facilities
  • All your booking and expense information in one place
  • No acceptance gaps in account usage
  • The ability to control expenditure and policy adherence through your TMC
  • Simplified data capture and analysis to help you drive operational and expense efficiency
  • A single statement for all transactions
  • Personal account manager

staff benefits

  • Simplified travel arrangements
  • Saving own funds for tickets, accommodation, transfer
  • Compliance with internal company policies
  • The possibility of insurance against inconvenience and accident during the trip